Form Different.

Up to 90% Reduced Waste, 30% Higher Output,
90% Lower CO2 Emissions.
This is Efficient and Sustainable Metal Forming.


Redefining Forming

Optimizing Processes and Pushing the
Boundaries of Metal Forming Technology with
up to 50% Increased Quality and
40% Less Downtimes.

Digital Revolution

Advanced Technologies for Sheet Metal Forming
through In-Line Measurements:
Early Error Detection for Real-Time
Efficiency-Enhancing Corrections.



Spirit of Performance

Consolidated innovation power and immense determination to implement the idea of making sheet metal forming more efficient, digital, and sustainable


The iLARIZ mission is to revolutionize sheet metal forming. We combine consolidated innovation power with immense determination to make sheet metal forming processes more efficient, digital, and sustainable. Thus, we offer holistic systems that create both economic and ecological value for our customers.

Our approach is based on new insights, and technologies that enable novel process optimization. The iLARIZ engineers possess interdisciplinary expertise and are supported by visionaries passionate about driving sustainable change. The outcome? A win-win for all stakeholders and the entire industry.

We offer expertise across the entire process chain of sheet metal forming and support you in all aspects. Our hardware and software products serve as intelligent tools and digital craftsmen to optimize your production processes and increase your efficiency. iLARIZ is your reliable partner for the future of sheet metal forming


Smart.Tool Ecosystem

The Smart.Tool Suite encompasses both the Smart.Tool Devices and the Smart.Tool Services. By applying the proven concepts of Smart Home technology to forming tools, we revolutionize sheet metal forming. Our cloud-based products enable seamless monitoring and control of forming tools, leading to increased efficiency and sustainable optimization of forming processes. With Smart.Tool, our customers track and optimize their entire sheet metal forming processes from anywhere in the world. Thus, a digitally connected and sustainable forming process becomes a reality. Together, we are pioneers for efficient and forward-thinking sheet metal forming.

Smart.Tool Ecosystem Overview

iLARIZ's innovative products – the world's first in-process measurement and correction systems – are the key to the digital revolution in deep drawing of sheet metal components.

The emphasis lies not only on ensuring process safety but also on minimizing waste in metal forming production. All aimed at fostering efficient and sustainable forming processes that cut costs and enhance product quality.

files/images/icons/icon_drawmonitor.svg Draw.Monitor

Your start into dynamic digital sheet metal forming provides data of the highest quality for monitoring and evaluating the deep drawing process.

The sensors in the tool identify weak points and create the conditions for production optimization.

Digital monitoring ensures precise process monitoring and quality assurance to reduce errors and increase efficiency.


files/images/icons/icon_drawcontrol.svg Draw.Control

The high-end system for digital sheet metal forming makes tools so intelligent that they correct errors during the process - even before they occur.

In addition to sensors, Draw.Control also brings actuators into the deep-drawing tool.

By actively intervening in real time, Draw.Control not only optimizes the production process and increases efficiency - the digital innovation reduces waste, saves resources and improves the CO2 footprint in production.


files/images/icons/icon_lupe.svg Tool.Monitor

With Tool.Monitor, the future of seamless monitoring of tools in static conditions begins – and it's no larger than a business card.

From temperature and humidity monitoring to GPS real-time localization - our user-friendly plug-and-play product has been specifically designed for the needs of tool operators.

Thanks to this innovative technology, companies optimize their production planning by digitally monitoring their tools around the clock – 24/7.

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Due to our unique expertise and interdisciplinary approach, we create added value for all stakeholders involved in the processes. We rely on innovative tools and methods to intervene at every point in the process chain, ensuring optimal forming technology

Our service portfolio focuses on four key areas tailored to the diverse needs of our customers, addressing individual challenges in sheet metal forming.

files/images/icons/icon_engineering.svg The Art of Engineering

Based on a product and design concept, we offer classic engineering services as development support. Our range of services includes feasibility analyses of sheet metal components, structural engineering work, the development of sheet metal components, and their validation through forming trials and test tools.

files/images/icons/icon_werkzeug.svg Tool and Process Development

Even after completing component development, there is often still room for improvement in the manufacturing process. Through advanced method development and optimization, forming simulation, as well as simulation and compensation of springback, we make processes more transparent and efficient.

files/images/icons/icon_simulation.svg Simulation and Material Characterization

Questions and problems often arise in the processing of sheet metal due to insufficient understanding of material and material behavior. Our competent and comprehensive support in all matters regarding material selection and processing properties creates optimal conditions for process optimization.

files/images/icons/icon_sonderprojekte.svg Special Projects

Sheet metal as a material is as unique as the individual questions it poses, and we provide competent answers with our comprehensive expertise. With proficiency in all areas of sheet metal forming, we support in application engineering, procurement, project management, and troubleshooting. Our portfolio is complemented by the complete analysis of process data from our Smart.Devices.


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Digital Engineering for Efficiency & Sustainability in Sheet Metal Forming.


Heads & Hearts

Thinkers, doers, pioneers – agility and passion characterize the team and each individual. With a fascination for innovative technologies, a willingness to take unconventional paths, and our experience in all areas of sheet metal forming, we are already GAMECHANGERS today.




Outstanding moments, special events, challenging projects, or even scientific works and exclusive insights into the digital evolution of sheet metal forming – discover more with just one click.


2024 ● iLARIZ goes Startup BW Summit
2024 ● iLARIZ goes Startup BW Summit

On July 11, we visited Startup BW Summit at "Haus der Wirtschaft" and were one of the 150 exhibiting start-ups. The event featured inspiring talks by Dr. Georg Kofler (investor, "Die Höhle der Löwen," among others), Winfried Kretschmann (Minister President of Baden-Württemberg), Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut (Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism Baden-Württemberg) and many more. We took the opportunity to present our products and make valuable contacts.

2024 ● 3. MBG Venture Capital Investor and Portfolio Day
2024 ● 3. MBG Venture Capital Investor and Portfolio Day

Our founders Dr. Apostolos Papaioanu and Christian Held were guests at the 3rd MBG Venture Capital Investor and Portfolio Day in Stuttgart on June 25. They presented iLARIZ in a seven-minute pitch as part of the "Innovation Jungle" event. In addition to other exciting start-ups and an inspiring keynote speech by Dr. Ulrich Springer, the event offered valuable insights and networking opportunities.

Images: © Christopher Beck


2024 ● "Smart Manufacturing Redefined": Car Body Parts 2024
2024 ● "Smart Manufacturing Redefined": Car Body Parts 2024

On June 12, Otto-Michael Lampert (Head of Sales) presented "Smart Manufacturing Redefined: Cloud-Driven Big Data Analytics and AI for Automotive Press Shop Quality Assurance" in Bad Nauheim. The Automotive Circle's Car Body Parts conference focuses on advances in the development of car body materials and production processes.

2023 ● More than just smart: iLARIZ Smart.Tool at "Smart Production Conference"
2023 ● More than just smart: iLARIZ Smart.Tool at "Smart Production Conference"

The Smart Production Conference by Automotive Circle on November 29 was a significant event for iLARIZ. Our Head of Sales, Otto-Michael Lampert, showcased our innovative products and technologies, sparking great interest and lively discussions about digital transformation in automotive production.

2023 ● BlechExpo in Stuttgart: Digital Revolution in Sheet Metal Forming
2023 ● BlechExpo in Stuttgart: Digital Revolution in Sheet Metal Forming

For the second time, iLARIZ presents its continuously growing portfolio at the BlechExpo in Stuttgart. The well-attended booth demonstrates that interest in our technology remains strong and it is in line with the times. This year, iLARIZ is honored with the Best Award of the trade fair and secures the 3rd place for the static tool monitoring system Tool.Monitor in the category "Pressing and Forming Technologies". With our focus on innovation, digitalization, and process monitoring, we continue to set new standards in sheet metal forming.

2023 ● Tool.Monitor receives BlechExpo/Schweisstec "best-Award"
2023 ● Tool.Monitor receives BlechExpo/Schweisstec "best-Award"

Together with the trade magazines "Blechnet" and "MM Maschinenmarkt", the event organizer Schall awards the Innovation Award at Blechexpo/Schweisstec. Key criteria for the trade fair's award include innovation, user benefits, unique features of the solution, and cost-effectiveness. With its efficiency-enhancing and cost-reducing products, iLARIZ is once again among the selected winners this year, earning the 3rd place Best Award for Tool.Monitor in the category Pressing and Forming Technologies.

2023 ● New Era of Supervision: Tool.Monitor
2023 ● New Era of Supervision: Tool.Monitor

With the launch of Tool.Monitor, we usher in a new era of tool monitoring in sheet metal forming. This static monitoring system captures crucial parameters like temperature, humidity, and location via GPS in real-time, optimizing production planning – and it's no larger than a business card. This innovative solution enables efficient process monitoring and optimization, empowering companies to significantly enhance their sheet metal forming production processes sustainably.

2023 ● Quality is the Top Priority: Conference "More Efficiency in the Press Shop"
2023 ● Quality is the Top Priority: Conference "More Efficiency in the Press Shop"

The conference "More Efficiency in the Press Shop" ("Mehr Effizienz im Presswerk") at the Vogel Convention Center in Würzburg stands out as one of the highlights of our year. Under the motto "Every Part is a Good Part – Quality as the Top Priority," we showcased our measurement and control system for a truly digital press shop, demonstrating how industry rethinking is achieved with iLARIZ. This event underscores our commitment to innovation, transformation, and digital evolution in sheet metal forming, as well as our ongoing support for SMEs. With our focus on process monitoring, efficiency improvement, and CO2 reduction, we actively contribute to minimizing environmental impacts in production.

2023 ● Shaping the Future: The Digital Hub Initiative's (de:hub) "Pitch Night"
2023 ● Shaping the Future: The Digital Hub Initiative's (de:hub) "Pitch Night"

As one of five selected out of 2000 young company and startup applicants, we participated in the Pitch Night of the Digital Hub Initiative in Frankfurt, attended by 400 guests from business, politics, and media. The event, hosted by Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Dr. Robert Habeck, provided an exceptional opportunity to raise awareness about sheet metal and sheet metal forming, presenting new opportunities in the production process.

2023 ● Sheet Metal Forming: A Closer Look Behind the Scenes of iLARIZ
2023 ● Sheet Metal Forming: A Closer Look Behind the Scenes of iLARIZ

The inaugural Customer Day, a "Who's Who in Sheet Metal Forming," featured live product demos and spirited discussions. A standout moment was the participation of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hubert Waltl, former Production Director of Volkswagen and Audi AG, who expressed enthusiasm for the possibilities, particularly in process robustness. This event underscores our commitment to innovation, transformation, and process monitoring in sheet metal forming, showcasing our extensive expertise in digital evolution and efficiency enhancement.

2022 ● Future Tech: Our Participation at the "Forming Technology Forum"
2022 ● Future Tech: Our Participation at the "Forming Technology Forum"

Presenting our innovative technology at the prestigious conference at the University of Twente in Enschede, Netherlands, was more than just an honor. The discourse among leading scientists confirmed the enormous potential of the unique technology and sparked further collaborative projects with renowned universities.

2022 ● Spotlight on Reducing CO2 Emission: Green Tech Festival in Berlin
2022 ● Spotlight on Reducing CO2 Emission: Green Tech Festival in Berlin

At the invitation of the Digital Hub Initiative, our innovative technology was presented to a broad audience from politics, the media and business in Berlin for the first time. At the heart of the GREEN TECH FESTIVAL under the patronage of Nico Rosberg, was finding technologies that could help reduce CO2 emissions in the production process.

2022 ● Innovation in Neckarsulm: Draw.Control at the Stampack Conference
2022 ● Innovation in Neckarsulm: Draw.Control at the Stampack Conference

At the conference held at the Audi Forum Neckarsulm, the debut of our "small iLARIZ exhibition stand" immediately captured everyone's attention. Particularly, a presentation on Draw.Control and its technological uniqueness takes center stage. The groundbreaking possibilities of digital sheet metal forming generate tremendous interest and spark lively discussions.

2022 ● New Era of Forming Technology: Draw.Control and Draw.Monitor
2022 ● New Era of Forming Technology: Draw.Control and Draw.Monitor

After thorough development, the innovative products Draw.Control and Draw.Monitor, along with the mandatory Draw.Cloud environment,are market ready. By digitizing processes and reducing waste and resources, even the initial versions signify a digital revolution for forming technology.

2021 ● BlechExpo: Draw.Control is Among the Winners
2021 ● BlechExpo: Draw.Control is Among the Winners

iLARIZ makes its debut on the global stage at Blechexpo 2021 in Stuttgart. Our innovative technology not only inspires but also impresses industry experts. The response is overwhelming, and the feedback is outstanding. We are particularly proud that our product, Draw.Control, has directly achieved 2nd place in the category of punching and forming technology at the Blechexpo AWARD. This recognition underscores our expertise in digitalization, sheet metal forming, and innovation. iLARIZ actively advocates for efficiency enhancement, process monitoring, and the highest product quality to drive forward the digital evolution in sheet metal forming together with small and medium-sized enterprises.


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